1. Review Commons

    Review Commons is a platform for high-quality journal-independent peer-review in the life sciences.
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  2. eLife

    eLife reviews selected preprints in all areas of biology and medicine.
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  3. PREreview

    PREreview's mission is to bring more diversity to scholarly peer review by supporting and empowering community of researchers, particularly those at early stages of their career (ECRs) to review preprints.
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  4. preLights

    preLights is a community initiative supported by The Company of Biologists.
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  5. Peer Community in Ecology

    Free and transparent preprint peer-review and recommendation by and for researchers in Ecology.
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  6. Biophysics Colab

    Biophysics Colab is a collaboration of biophysicists who are working in partnership with eLife to improve the way in which original research is evaluated. We aim to drive forward the principles of open science by providing an equitable, inclusive, and transparent environment for peer review. Our ambition is to facilitate a publishing ecosystem in which the significance of research is recognised independently of publication venue.
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  7. Arcadia Science

    Arcadia Science is a research and development company pursuing emerging organisms and innovating in research, commercialization, and open scientific communication.
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  8. GigaByte

    GigaByte is an open access and open science journal published by GigaScience Press, BGI's Open Access and Open Data Publishing division. As with our sister-journal GigaScience— we publish ALL reusable and shareable research objects, such as data, software tools and workflows, from data-driven research.
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  9. Peer Community in Evolutionary Biology

    Free and transparent preprint peer-review and recommendation by and for researchers in Evolutionary Biology.
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  10. Peer Community in Paleontology

    Free and transparent preprint peer-review and recommendation by and for researchers in Paleontology.
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  11. Rapid Reviews Infectious Diseases

    RR\ID (Rapid Reviews\Infectious Diseases) is an open-access overlay journal that accelerates peer review of important infectious disease-related research preprints.
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  12. Peer Community in Animal Science

    Free and transparent preprint peer-review and recommendation by and for researchers in Animal Science.
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  13. GigaScience

    GigaScience is an open access, open data, open peer-review journal focusing on ‘big data’ research from the life and biomedical sciences.
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  14. Peer Community in Archaeology

    Free and transparent preprint peer-review and recommendation by and for researchers in Archaeology.
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  15. PeerRef

    PeerRef is a journal-independent open peer review platform for all research.
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  16. Peer Community in Neuroscience

    Free and transparent preprint peer-review and recommendation by and for researchers in Neuroscience.
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  17. Peer Community In Zoology

    Free and transparent preprint peer-review and recommendation by and for researchers in Zoology.
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  18. PeerJ

    PeerJ is an open access publisher of 7 peer-reviewed journals, and an editorial community of over 2000 Academic Editors and Advisors, and tens of thousands of authors and reviewers.
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  19. Life Science Editors Foundation

    The Life Science Editors Foundation aims to increase representation and eliminate inequity in the scientific community.
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  20. Life Science Editors

    Life Science Editors is a group of former journal editors and grant specialists who are passionate about helping scientists and science reach their full potential.
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  21. The Unjournal

    The Unjournal organizes and commissions journal-independent public evaluation & quantified rating of global-priorities-relevant research in social science and economics.
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  22. ASAPbio crowd review

    We promote the productive use of preprints for research dissemination and transparent peer review and feedback on all research outputs.
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  23. ASAPbio-SciELO Preprint crowd review

    O ASAPbio promove o uso produtivo de preprints para divulgação da pesquisa e avaliação por pares transparente e feedback sobre todos os resultados da pesquisa. SciELO Preprints é um servidor de preprints multilingue e multi-disciplinar gerenciado pelo Programa SciELO.
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  24. ScreenIT

    The Automated Screening Working Groups is a group of software engineers and biologists passionate about improving scientific manuscripts on a large scale. Our members have created tools that check for common problems in scientific manuscripts, including information needed to improve transparency and reproducibility. We have combined our tools into a single pipeline, called ScreenIT. We're currently using our tools to screen COVID preprints.
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  25. NCRC

    The 2019 Novel Coronavirus Research Compendium (NCRC) is a centralized, publicly available resource that rapidly curates and reviews the emerging scientific evidence about SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19. Our goal is to provide accurate, relevant information for global public health action by clinicians, public health practitioners, and policy makers.
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