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This Privacy Notice relates to data held and processed by eLife Sciences Publications, Ltd who operate this site. For all queries relating to personal data and privacy, please contact us at

Full details of the Privacy Notice can be found at

What additional personal information does this site hold?

This site adds the following to the information specified in the privacy notice linked above.


When you log in to your Twitter account through our site (for example to store your feed preferences) that interaction is directly with Twitter Inc. We only receive from Twitter a user name and user identifier. Your Twitter user identifier is associated with items that you follow on the site (groups, people, papers and evaluation events) and used to publicly display events that you follow on your user page.


Sciety uses an analytics service called Intercom to help improve our application. This is the service that powers the small icon in the bottom right of the page that allows you to chat directly with our team. It also lets you find information by interacting with an automated response bot and leave us a message for feedback when we’re offline.

We do not send any of your data from Sciety directly to Intercom but when you interact with the chat widget Intercom will collect information about your visit on our behalf. This information includes web sessions, last seen time, first seen time, recent page views, sign up day, city and country (calculated from your IP address), last contacted time, last heard from time, tag (a group we might have assigned you to in order to organise our chats with you), operating system, browser language, browser version, language override and any messages, comments or conversations you have with us or the bot via the Intercom widget.

You also have the option to give us your email address so that we can respond later but we only send this to Intercom if you enter it in the box when prompted by the Intercom widget - when supplying your email address we then store that in the Intercom platform along with information about the last email from us that you opened, the last link in an email from us that you clicked on and any emails from us that you have unsubscribed from.

Intercom is a very broad application but we use it in a limited capacity at Sciety, taking our users’ privacy into account. We only track and store the data mentioned above via Intercom, and only when you interact with the widget and consent to Statistics cookies. You can find out more about the way Intercom tracks and stores data in their post on the subject.

For more information on Intercom's use of cookies, please visit For more information on the privacy practices of Intercom, please visit Intercom’s services are governed by Intercom’s terms of use which can be found at If you would like to opt out of having this information collected by or submitted to Intercom, please contact us via email at

Microsoft Clarity

Sciety makes use of a user behaviour analytics tool called Clarity from Microsoft that generates heatmaps and simulations of user scrolling and clicks by recording anonymous cursor movement data.

Microsoft may use the collected data to improve their own services although Microsoft does not sell data from Clarity. If you consent to Marketing cookies Microsoft will use a unique advertising ID on Sciety that is then used to provide targeted advertising on websites that use the same advertising network. Sciety does not use advertising but allows the use of this type of cookie as part of our adherence to the terms of use for Microsoft Clarity.

For more information on Clarity, particularly with regard to privacy, please visit their Frequently Asked Questions

For more information on how Microsoft uses cookies please visit their privacy statement and for information on Microsoft's terms of use for Clarity please visit their Terms of use If you would like to opt out of having this information collected by or submitted to Microsoft, please contact us via email at

Privacy notice changes

Change log

Although most changes are likely to be minor, eLife may change its Privacy Notice from time to time, and at our sole discretion. We encourage visitors to check this page frequently for any changes to its Privacy Notice. First published October 19, 2020.

1st June 2021: added Intercom information to Sciety privacy policy.

2nd June 2021: added Microsoft Clarity information to Sciety privacy policy.

15th June 2021: clarified the exact use of data by Intercom and Microsoft Clarity as their own documentation was too broad

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