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  1. Schema representations in distinct brain networks support narrative memory during encoding and retrieval

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    1. Rolando Masís-Obando
    2. Kenneth A. Norman
    3. Christopher Baldassano
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      Evaluation Summary:

      This paper reports a methodologically rigorous investigation into the neural mechanisms supporting encoding and retrieval of specific and general information in the context of memory schemas for events, or "scripts." Its findings will be of general interest to neuroscientists and cognitive psychologists who work both with typical young adults (as studied int he present works) and in particular populations (e.g., development and/or aging; patients with brain damage). The work is particularly comprehensive in how it links both specific and general narrative representation at both encoding and retrieval with later memory behavior, which is a notable strength.

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  2. Toroidal topology of population activity in grid cells

    This article has 8 authors:
    1. Richard J. Gardner
    2. Erik Hermansen
    3. Marius Pachitariu
    4. Yoram Burak
    5. Nils A. Baas
    6. Benjamin A. Dunn
    7. May-Britt Moser
    8. Edvard I. Moser
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