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  1. Metabolic regulation of misfolded protein import into mitochondria

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    1. Yuhao Wang
    2. Linhao Ruan
    3. Jin Zhu
    4. Xi Zhang
    5. Alexander Chih-Chieh Chang
    6. Alexis Tomaszewski
    7. Rong Li
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      This study makes an important connection between cellular metabolism and proteostasis through MAGIC, a previously proposed protein quality control pathway of clearance of cytosolic misfolded and aggregated proteins by importing into mitochondria. The authors reveal the role of Snf1, a yeast AMPK, in preventing the import of misfolded proteins to mitochondria for MAGIC controlled by the transcription factor Hap4, depending on the cellular metabolic status. The key message is important, although the evidence for physiological relevance of MAGIC for overall cellular proteostasis and its molecular regulation by Snf1 remains incomplete.

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