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    There are a number of limitations to these data and analyses. First, Ct values report viral RNA copies and do not necessarily capture infectiousness. While we chose a Ct value cutoff of 30 as a proxy for infectiousness13–17, this threshold should not be considered a perfect predictor of infectiousness. Second, the Ct values reported here are from samples that each combined anterior nares and oropharyngeal swabs and were performed on the Roche Cobas platform; results may differ by anatomical site and by PCR platform24–27. Third, this relatively small sample set was obtained in a population that is not representative of the general population. The study population of working individuals is younger and generally healthier, with high vaccination coverage, than to the general population, thus infections in this group may have a shorter clearance phase on average than in the general population. Furthermore, this cohort is under intensive testing, behavior protocols, and case-finding efforts; individuals detected due to symptom onset or concern for contacts may be detected earlier in infection than would be typical in the community. While results from a Japanese study suggest similar viral kinetics in a distinct population21, additional analyses from larger cohorts and across additional demographic groups are urgently needed. Finally, not all infected individuals were serially tested until obtaining a negative test result. As some of the trajectories reported here are right censored...

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