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    Despite its demonstrated impact, there are limitations to our approach. Firstly, it relies on data from frequent, population-wide surveys. In Australia, these data are collected for government and made available to our analysis team by a market research company which has access to an established “panel” of individuals who have agreed to take part in surveys of public opinion. Researchers and governments in many other countries have used such companies for rapid data collection to support pandemic response [23, 25]. However, these survey platforms are not readily available in all settings. Further, the sampling strategy did not allow for surveying individuals without internet access, low literacy or limited English language skills, or communication or cognitive difficulties. Further, individuals under 18 years of age were not represented in our surveys. Nor were these survey results available for the pre-pandemic period, limiting our ability to estimate what a true behavioural baseline would be for the Australian population. While the patterns of TP, Reff and C2 observed over time in Australia are consistent with “in field” epidemiological assessments, and while the methods have demonstrated impact in supporting decision making, a direct quantification of the validity of the TP is not straightforward. For example, whether self-reported adherence to the 1.5 m rule is a reliable covariate for change in the per contact probability of transmission over time is difficult to assess....

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