Nanoscape , a data-driven 3D real-time interactive virtual cell environment

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Knowledge of cellular and structural biology has reached unprecedented levels of detail. In conjunction with advances in 3D computer visualisation techniques this has allowed exploration of cellular ultrastructure and environments by a virtual user. The extraction and integration of relevant scientific information, along with consideration of the best representation of data, is often a bottleneck in the visualisation process for many 3D biomedical artists. Here we introduce ‘Nanoscape’, a collaborative project between 3D computer artists, computer graphics developers, and cell biologists that enables a user to navigate a cell in a complex 3D computer visualised environment. We combine actual data from various scientific disciplines (including structural biology, cell biology and multiple microscopic techniques) and apply artistic expression and design aesthetics to create a unique new experience where a real-time virtual explorer can traverse a cell surface, observe and interact with a more scientifically accurate cell surface environment.

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