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  1. Widespread premature transcription termination of Arabidopsis thaliana NLR genes by the spen protein FPA

    This article has 11 authors:
    1. Matthew T. Parker
    2. Katarzyna Knop
    3. Vasiliki Zacharaki
    4. Anna V. Sherwood
    5. Daniel Tome
    6. Xuhong Yu
    7. Pascal Martin
    8. Jim Beynon
    9. Scott Michaels
    10. Geoffrey J. Barton
    11. Gordon G. Simpson
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      Evaluation Summary:

      In this study, the authors examined the function of the RNA-binding protein FPA through analyzing its protein interactome and its global impact on gene expression using a combined approach of Nanopore DRS, Helicos DRS, and short-read Illumina RNA-Seq. The combined datasets and new computational approaches developed by the authors permitted them to identify the predominant role of FPA in promoting poly(A) site choice. The authors further revealed that FPA mediates widespread premature cleavage and polyadenylation of transcripts of NLR genes, important plant immune regulators. Overall, this study suggests that control of transcription termination processes mediated by FPA provides an additional layer of the regulatory dynamics of NLRs in plant immune responses.

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