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  1. Transmission networks of SARS-CoV-2 in coastal Kenya during the first two waves: a retrospective genomic study

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    1. Charles N. Agoti
    2. Lynette Isabella Ochola-Oyier
    3. Khadija Said Mohammed
    4. Arnold W. Lambisia
    5. Zaydah R. de Laurent
    6. John M. Morobe
    7. Maureen W. Mburu
    8. Donwilliams O. Omuoyo
    9. Edidah M. Ongera
    10. Leonard Ndwiga
    11. Eric Maitha
    12. Benson Kitole
    13. Thani Suleiman
    14. Mohamed Mwakinangu
    15. John Nyambu
    16. John Otieno
    17. Barke Salim
    18. Jennifer Musyoki
    19. Nickson Murunga
    20. Edward Otieno
    21. John Kiiru
    22. Kadondi Kasera
    23. Patrick Amoth
    24. Mercy Mwangangi
    25. Rashid Aman
    26. Samson Kinyanjui
    27. George Warimwe
    28. My Phan
    29. Ambrose Agweyu
    30. Matthew Cotten
    31. Edwine Barasa
    32. Benjamin Tsofa
    33. D. James Nokes
    34. Philip Bejon
    35. George Githinji
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      Evaluation Summary:

      The data and analyses presented in this paper are important for understanding the sources and spread of SARS-CoV-2 across Kenya during the first two waves and are a timely contribution to our understanding of the pandemic in East Africa as a whole. The manuscript provides a clear picture of the viral lineages spreading in coastal Kenya, but sampling biases in the Kenyan and global datasets used make it difficult to evaluate conclusions concerning imports and exports of SARS-CoV-2 into and out of Kenya.

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