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  1. Translating deep learning to neuroprosthetic control

    This article has 6 authors:
    1. Darrel R. Deo
    2. Francis R. Willett
    3. Donald T. Avansino
    4. Leigh R. Hochberg
    5. Jaimie M. Henderson
    6. Krishna V. Shenoy
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  2. Factorized visual representations in the primate visual system and deep neural networks

    This article has 2 authors:
    1. Jack W. Lindsey
    2. Elias B. Issa
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      The study makes a valuable empirical contribution to our understanding of visual processing in primates and deep neural networks, with a specific focus on the concept of factorization. The analyses provide solid evidence that high factorization scores are correlated with neural predictivity, yet more evidence would be needed to show that neural responses show factorization. Consequently, while several aspects require further clarification, in its current form this work is interesting to systems neuroscientists studying vision and could inspire further research that ultimately may lead to better models of or a better understanding of the brain.

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  3. Learning shapes neural geometry in the prefrontal cortex

    This article has 9 authors:
    1. Michał J. Wójcik
    2. Jake P. Stroud
    3. Dante Wasmuht
    4. Makoto Kusunoki
    5. Mikiko Kadohisa
    6. Nicholas E. Myers
    7. Laurence T. Hunt
    8. John Duncan
    9. Mark G. Stokes
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