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  1. Characterization of cephalic and non-cephalic sensory cell types provides insight into joint photo- and mechanoreceptor evolution

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    1. Roger Revilla-i-Domingo
    2. Vinoth Babu Veedin Rajan
    3. Monika Waldherr
    4. Günther Prohaczka
    5. Hugo Musset
    6. Lukas Orel
    7. Elliot Gerrard
    8. Moritz Smolka
    9. Alexander Stockinger
    10. Matthias Farlik
    11. Robert J Lucas
    12. Florian Raible
    13. Kristin Tessmar-Raible
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      Evaluation Summary:

      This manuscript presents an investigation of receptors in the trunk of Platynereis annelids that express genes involved in both photoreception (e.g. r-Opsin) and mechanosensation. This is particularly interesting in light of other work in model organisms like flies that uncovered broadly similar results. The authors compare gene expression of fly Johnston Organ cells and mouse hearing cells to the worm receptors. Because Platynereis is distantly related to flies and mice, the authors suggest this "hybrid" sensory receptor could be very old and homologous across many animals. The question of what role r-Opsins play outside of photoreceptors is an interesting one that remains poorly understood.

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