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  1. Atlas of Plasmodium falciparum intraerythrocytic development using expansion microscopy

    This article has 9 authors:
    1. Benjamin Liffner
    2. Ana Karla Cepeda Diaz
    3. James Blauwkamp
    4. David Anaguano
    5. Sonja Frolich
    6. Vasant Muralidharan
    7. Danny W Wilson
    8. Jeffrey D Dvorin
    9. Sabrina Absalon
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      This important study provides an unprecedented overview of the subcellular organization of proliferative blood stage malaria parasites using expansion microscopy. The localization of multiple parasite organelles is comprehensively probed using three-dimensional super-resolution microscopy throughout the entire intraerythrocytic development cycle. This work provides a compelling framework to investigate in future more deeply the unconventional cell biology of malaria-causing parasites.

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  2. A protein hydroxylase couples epithelial membrane biology to nucleolar ribosome biogenesis

    This article has 19 authors:
    1. Eline Hendrix
    2. Regina Andrijes
    3. Uncaar Boora
    4. Arashpreet Kaur
    5. James R Bundred
    6. Leah Officer-Jones
    7. Rachel Pennie
    8. Ian R Powley
    9. Adam Zayer
    10. Raphael Heilig
    11. Christian A E Westrip
    12. Sally C Fletcher
    13. Charlotte D Eaton
    14. Tristan J Kennedy
    15. Sonia Piasecka
    16. Roman Fischer
    17. Stephen J Smerdon
    18. John Le Quesne
    19. Mathew L Coleman

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