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  1. Decoding locomotion from population neural activity in moving C. elegans

    This article has 9 authors:
    1. Kelsey M Hallinen
    2. Ross Dempsey
    3. Monika Scholz
    4. Xinwei Yu
    5. Ashley Linder
    6. Francesco Randi
    7. Anuj K Sharma
    8. Joshua W Shaevitz
    9. Andrew M Leifer
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      Evaluation Summary:

      This paper will be of interest to a wide range of systems neuroscientists seeking to understanding the relationship between neuronal activity and behavior. Building on previous technical advances in brain-wide imaging of neuronal activity (Ca signals) in freely moving animals (Caenorhabditis elegans), it demonstrates that a linear regression model is sufficient reconstruct key parameters of locomotion - velocity and body curvature - from the imaging data and documents differences in activity between freely moving and immobilized worms.

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