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  1. A genome-wide functional genomics approach uncovers genetic determinants of immune phenotypes in type 1 diabetes

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    1. Xiaojing Chu
    2. Anna WM Janssen
    3. Hans Koenen
    4. Linzhung Chang
    5. Xuehui He
    6. Irma Joosten
    7. Rinke Stienstra
    8. Yunus Kuijpers
    9. Cisca Wijmenga
    10. Cheng-Jian Xu
    11. Mihai G Netea
    12. Cees J Tack
    13. Yang Li
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      Evaluation Summary:

      This study examines genetic and non-genetic factors influencing immune responses in type 1 diabetes Key findings are: 1) age and season affect immune cell traits and cytokine production upon stimulation; 2) certain genetic variants that determine susceptibility to T1D significantly affect T cell composition, notably the CCR region that is associated with CCR5+ regulatory T cells; and 3) 15 genetic loci that influence immune responses in T1D, most of which have not been seen previously in healthy populations. The results suggest mechanisms of T1D-specific genetic regulation.

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