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  1. Deletion of FNDC5/irisin modifies murine osteocyte function in a sex-specific manner

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    1. Anika Shimonty
    2. Fabrizio Pin
    3. Matthew Prideaux
    4. Gang Peng
    5. Joshua Huot
    6. Hyeonwoo Kim
    7. Clifford J Rosen
    8. Bruce M Spiegelman
    9. Lynda F Bonewald
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      The study presents valuable findings on sexually dimorphic patterns of osteocytic transcriptomes and low calcium diet-induced osteocytic osteolysis in FNDC5-deficient mice. The authors present solid evidence for sex-specific changes in osteocyte morphology and gene expression under a calcium-demanding setting in this particular strain of mice, although the protective role of FNDC5-deficiency in lactation and low-calcium diet in female mice remains unclear due to lack of mechanistic studies. The study also lacks evidence that irisin, a proteolytically cleaved product of FNDC5, is responsible for the observed phenotypes, as irisin was not directly measured.

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