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  1. Phosphoregulation of DSB-1 mediates control of meiotic double-strand break activity

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    1. Heyun Guo
    2. Ericca L. Stamper
    3. Aya Sato-Carlton
    4. Masa A. Shimazoe
    5. Xuan Li
    6. Liangyu Zhang
    7. Lewis Stevens
    8. KC Jacky Tam
    9. Abby F. Dernburg
    10. Peter M. Carlton
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      Evaluation Summary:

      The connection between double-strand break (DSB) formation and chromosome pairing/synapsis during meiosis is not fully understood. In this paper, the authors show that the formation of DSBs is regulated by the DNA damage response (DDR) machinery. The paper will be of interest to the broad meiosis and DDR communities. While the main conclusions of the manuscript appear to be well-supported by the data, some gaps are present and the manuscript would therefore benefit from additional (mostly minor) changes.

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