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  1. Stochastic social behavior coupled to COVID-19 dynamics leads to waves, plateaus, and an endemic state

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    1. Alexei V Tkachenko
    2. Sergei Maslov
    3. Tong Wang
    4. Ahmed Elbana
    5. George N Wong
    6. Nigel Goldenfeld
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      Evaluation Summary:

      This manuscript will be of interest to epidemiologists and population biologists interested in outbreak dynamics in populations with complex social structures, such as emergent viral infections of humans. The study offers a functional, differential-equation (DE)-based framework for capturing the transition from emergence to endemicity without the huge over-compensation cycles typically predicted by DE models but rarely seen in natural populations. The model framework currently offers insights into the drivers of epidemic dynamics and, after further testing and calibration, may be useful for assessing control strategies for emerging infectious diseases.

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