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  1. Reorganization of postmitotic neuronal chromatin accessibility for maturation of serotonergic identity

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    1. Xinrui L Zhang
    2. William C Spencer
    3. Nobuko Tabuchi
    4. Meagan M Kitt
    5. Evan S Deneris
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      Evaluation Summary:

      This paper will be of interest to developmental biologists who study the gene regulatory mechanisms necessary for induction and maintenance of postmitotic neuronal identity. The study generated a useful resource of genomic data and provided new insights into the dynamic regulation of accessible chromatin regions in post-mitotic serotonin (5-HT) neurons of the mouse hindbrain. This work proposes two transcription factors (Pet1, Lmx1b) as necessary for establishment and maintenance of accessible chromatin regions in serotonin (5-HT) neurons. The study is a major technical achievement but some of the central claims are not yet fully demonstrated.

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