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eLife reviews selected preprints in all areas of biology and medicine.

Evaluation model

eLife’s editorial process produces two outputs: i) an assessment by peers designed to be posted alongside a preprint for the benefit of readers; ii) detailed feedback on the manuscript for the authors, including requests for revisions and suggestions for improvement.

The assessment by peers includes an evaluation summary that captures the major conclusions of the review, and public reviews from each of the peer reviewers that outlines the strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript.

eLife’s Sciety feed includes peer reviews for preprints reviewed by the journal. Some of these preprints go on to be revised and published in eLife, while others will be published in other journals. Authors have the option to delay having the public reviews posted until their work has been accepted for publication by another journal.

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Sciety uses the PReF (preprint review features) descriptors to describe key elements of each Group's evaluation activities, helping readers to interpret and compare their evaluations. Learn more.

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Unless otherwise indicated, the articles and journal content published by eLife on the eLife Sites are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (also known as a CC-BY license). This means that you are free to use, reproduce and distribute the articles and related content (unless otherwise noted), for commercial and noncommercial purposes, subject to citation of the original source in accordance with the CC-BY license. For more information see the eLife terms and conditions.