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Biophysics Colab is a collaboration of biophysicists whose goal is to improve the way in which original research is evaluated and disseminated.

By combining the knowledge and expertise of the biophysics community with the principles of open science, Biophysics Colab provide an equitable, inclusive, and transparent environment for peer review. Their free service delivers constructive feedback on publicly available preprints so that researchers can form the best possible interpretation of their data. In the future, Biophysics Colab will launch a journal to endorse rigorous and robust studies in the form of articles.

Biophysics Colab is the first endeavour of the fledgling non-profit organisation, Science Colab, whose mission is to add value and credibility to the scientific literature in a way that supports and benefits the scientific community. Their vision is of a publishing ecosystem in which research is judged by its intrinsic significance and not the venue in which it’s published.

The curators at Biophysics Colab receive support for their operations from Lesley Anson (lesley@sciencecolab.org) and Marie E Sweet (marie@sciencecolab.org).

Evaluation model

Biophysics Colab provide collaborative, community-based and journal-agnostic peer review of publicly available preprints. Reviewers do not pass judgement on the significance of a study, but instead highlight its strengths and weaknesses, and provide constructive feedback to tighten the interpretation of the available data. A consolidated report is shared with authors, who are then offered the opportunity to post it on bioRxiv and Sciety.

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Sciety uses the PReF (preprint review features) descriptors to describe key elements of each Group's evaluation activities, helping readers to interpret and compare their evaluations. Learn more.

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Footnote 1: [1] Some preprints receive an endorsement; none are rejected

Footnote 2: [2] Most identities are revealed to authors and some also to the public


Members of the Biophysics Colab community include:

  • Kenton J Swartz (Curator-in-Chief)
  • Richard W Aldrich
  • Rene Barro-Soria
  • Sudha Chakrapani
  • Baron Chanda
  • Alexander T Chesler
  • Lucie Delemotte
  • Rachelle Gaudet
  • Marcel P Goldschen-Ohm
  • Sharona E Gordon
  • Alexander S Hauser
  • León D Islas
  • Yun Lyna Luo
  • Merritt Maduke
  • Medha M Pathak
  • Stephan A Pless
  • Michael Pusch
  • Janice L Robertson
  • Gary Rudnick
  • Renae M Ryan
  • Marie E Sweet
  • Sotiria Tavoulari
  • William N Zagotta

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