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    Limitations: There are several limitations to this study, First, mortality during 2020 is almost certainly under-estimated. Deaths during 2020 were based on an early release file for the National Death Index (NDI), which according to the National Center for Health Statistics, accounted for only about 95% of all recorded US deaths in 2020 at the time of the NDI search (Ryff et al., 2022). Second, the MIDUS sampling frame excluded the institutionalized population, who suffered especially high mortality early during the early stages of the pandemic. Thus, mortality among the MIDUS cohort is likely to be lower than pandemic-related mortality for the population as a whole. Third, we have no information about the degree to which MIDUS participants complied with public health orders during the pandemic and whether it differed by personality. Nor do we have any information about self-destructive behaviors (e.g., alcohol and drug abuse) during the pandemic. Fourth, personality was measured in 1995-96, approximately 25 years prior to the pandemic. Finally, the MIDUS sample under-represents minorities, who suffered higher mortality during the pandemic. Future Analyses: It will be useful to replicate this analysis using the Health Retirement Survey (HRS), which samples Americans older than 50, once mortality data become available for 2020. HRS has a much larger sample than MIDUS and thus, will yield more statistical power for modeling excess mortality. HRS also has a more ethnically dive...

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