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    Although the Vooma Voucher program continued until February 28, 2022, the announcement of the Omicron variant on November 24, 2022 would likely confound the effect of the incentive program on days that followed the announcement.
    Vooma Voucher
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    Analyses were conducted using Stata 17.0 (StataCorp, College Station, TX).
    suggested: (Stata, RRID:SCR_012763)

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    A key limitation is the assumption in our ITS models there were no other factors that coincided with the introduction of the Vooma Voucher program and affected vaccine demand. The robustness of our findings to the inclusion of supply and demand creation measures, and to provincial and weekly specifications, increases confidence in our findings. Another limitation is that we only study short-term effects of the incentive program, as the announcement of the Omicron variant made it challenging to study effects of incentives beyond that date. Given the vulnerability of older adults to serious illness, hospitalization, and death as a result of COVID-19, identifying effective strategies to increase vaccine demand is crucial. More generally, as LMICs struggle to achieve sufficiently high vaccine demand despite expansions in vaccine delivery and access, our findings suggest that small financial incentives may be effective in increasing vaccination coverage.

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