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    It is worth mentioning that the proposed methodology has some limitations. We cannot assert that the presence or the absence of the AE was the main factor in promoting adherence to social isolation. Other factors, such as the fear of an emerging deadly disease, may have helped to convince people to stay at home at the beginning of the outbreak. Also, psychological saturation can be one of the main reasons why people leave isolation. These factors are hard to include in a model and can affect the cause and effect relationship between socioeconomic programs and social isolation, as well as the disease spread. More sophisticated statistical tools can be used to investigate further such causal relationships, and they are the subject of future work. Different measures of mobility mainly based on mobile phone information were used to infer the real impact of initiatives like lockdowns on the contention of outbreaks [22, 24, 25, 26], as well as to describe the Spatio-temporal dynamics of the disease [19, 20, 23, 27, 28]. In the present work, we intended to shed light on the impact of a national socioeconomic program on disease spread contention, based on the premise that social isolation implies disease spread contention. As mentioned above, such a premise was widely tested and illustrated by our results.

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