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    Table 1: Rigor

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    Table 2: Resources

    Software and Algorithms
    The numerical model for this ODE system is programmed in Matlab R2018a.
    suggested: (MATLAB, RRID:SCR_001622)

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    This result is consistent with the fact that confirmed cases may be undercounted (Giattino, 2020) since one of the key limitations when modelling this disease is that the reported cases only become confirmed cases by a test, and there are a substantial proportion of infected people that never get tested because they were asymptomatic or never sought medical assistance. The model here, as well as others of this type or more sophisticated ones, use confirmed cases and deaths, testing rates, and a range of assumptions and epidemiological knowledge to estimate this proportion and consequently show a higher number of cases compared to the reported data (Giattino, 2020). This is also consistent with the seroprevalence study carried out in Spain, where around 33% of the infected cases were asymptomatic (Pollán et al., 2020). The simulation explored here for the limited vaccine supply scenario confirms that the model is correctly validated against the real data. The performance when increasing the protection measures from low-level to high-level non-pharmaceutical protection measures, follows the expected decreasing trend of COVID-19 cases and cumulative mortality. Comparing this scenario to the full vaccine supply scenarios results suggest that the Pfizer vaccine scenario is the one that maintains daily positive cases and deaths at the lowest levels even when the protection rate is low. Nevertheless, there is not a big variation between vaccines in terms of cases and cumulative mort...

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