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    Table 1: Rigor

    Institutional Review Board Statementnot detected.
    Randomizationnot detected.
    Blindingnot detected.
    Power Analysisnot detected.
    Sex as a biological variablenot detected.
    Cell Line AuthenticationContamination: Cell culture and virus infection: Cells were cultured at 37°C and 5% CO2 and routinely screened for mycoplasma contamination.

    Table 2: Resources

    Primary antibodies included: beta-actin-HRP (AC-15, Sigma Aldrich), pSTAT1 (Y701) (58D6, Cell Signaling Technology), STAT1 (42H3, Cell Signaling Technology), pSTAT2 (D3P2P, Cell Signaling Technology), STAT2 (D9J7L, Cell Signaling Technology), hcGAS (D1D3G, Cell Signaling Technology), hSTING (D2P2F, Cell Signaling Technology), MyD88 (D80F5, Cell Signaling Technology), TBK1 (D1B4, Cell Signaling Technology), MAVS (ALX-210-929-C100
    suggested: (Fluidigm Cat# 3153003, RRID:AB_2661824)
    Cells were incubated with antibodies against human MxA (clone M143, kind gift from G Kochs) and SARS-CoV-2 N protein (clone EY-2A, kind gift from Alain Townsend56; 1:200, 30 minutes, 4°C), and goat anti-mouse AlexaFluor 488 (Life Technologies, A11029) and anti-human AlexaFluor 647 (1:500, 30 minutes, 4°C; Life Technologies, A21445), and resuspended in CellFix (1:10 in water; BD, 340181).
    SARS-CoV-2 N protein
    suggested: (ABclonal Cat# A20021, RRID:AB_2862924)
    suggested: (Molecular Probes Cat# A-11029, RRID:AB_138404)
    anti-human AlexaFluor 647
    suggested: None
    suggested: (Molecular Probes Cat# A-21445, RRID:AB_2535862)
    Experimental Models: Cell Lines
    Calu-3 cells (ATCC) were maintained in MEM (Gibco) supplemented with 10% v/v foetal calf serum (FCS, Gibco), 2 mM L-glutamine (Gibco), 1x sodium pyruvate (Gibco) and 1x non-essential amino acids (Gibco).
    suggested: None
    THP1 cells (kind gift from V Cerundolo) were maintained in RPMI (Sigma Aldrich) supplemented with 10% v/v (FCS) and 2 mM L-glutamine (Gibco).
    suggested: None
    All other cells (A549, kind gift from G Kochs; HEK293T, HEK293 and VERO E6, kind gifts from C Reis E Sousa; Huh7, kind gift from J McKeating) were maintained in DMEM (Sigma Aldrich) supplemented with 10% v/v FCS and 2 mM L-glutamine.
    suggested: None
    suggested: None
    suggested: None
    suggested: None
    Briefly, virus was serially diluted ten-fold in DMEM with 1% FCS, and 100 μl of dilutions were added in quadruplicates to 24 well plates containing 2.5 x 105 Vero E6 cells in 500 μl of medium.
    Vero E6
    suggested: None
    0, ENZO Life Science), IRF3 (D6I4C, Cell Signaling Technology), MDA5 (generated in house55) and RIG-I (clone ALME-I, ProSci #PSI-36-102).
    suggested: None
    Software and Algorithms
    After removing the overlay and the medium, cells were washed in PBS, and fixed and stained using Amido Black stain for at least 30 minutes at room temperature.
    suggested: None
    Lentiviral shRNA knockdown: Lentiviral plasmids encoding shRNAs targeting GFP (control; SHC005) and MAVS (06: TRCN0000149206; 45: TRCN0000148945) were obtained from the Sigma Mission library (Merck Darmstadt)
    Sigma Mission library
    suggested: None
    Cells were analysed by flow cytometry on an Attune NxT Flow Cytometer (Thermo Fisher Scientific) and data were analysed using FlowJo software (BD).
    suggested: (FlowJo, RRID:SCR_008520)

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