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    Table 1: Rigor

    Institutional Review Board StatementIRB: The study was approved by the appropriate Institutional Review Board (University Hospital Regensburg, No. 20-1785-101) and conformed to the principles outlined in the Declaration of Helsinki.
    Randomizationnot detected.
    Blindingnot detected.
    Power Analysisnot detected.
    Sex as a biological variableControls were asymptomatic healthy individuals with age median of 46.7 (IQR 37.25-46.7) and male sex in 47%.
    Cell Line Authenticationnot detected.

    Table 2: Resources

    Antibody response was defined by presence of SARS-CoV-2 specific IgG antibodies in serum.
    SARS-CoV-2 specific IgG
    suggested: None
    Cells were stained with surface antibodies as described above and incubated in with 2-NBDG (45 min) or BODIPY 500/510 C1, C12 (20 min).
    suggested: None
    Experimental Models: Cell Lines
    SARS-CoV-2 infection of A549 cells was performed and published by Blanco-Melo et al (Blanco-Melo et al., 2020).
    suggested: None
    Software and Algorithms
    Tables of raw uniquely mapped read counts per human gene were generated during mapping using the built-in --quantMode GeneCounts option in STAR.
    suggested: (STAR, RRID:SCR_015899)
    Differential expression analysis was carried out on raw gene counts using edgeR 3.20.8 (Robinson et al., 2009) in R (3.4.3).
    suggested: (edgeR, RRID:SCR_012802)
    Volcano plots were generated using the ggplot2 (v3.1.0) package in R.
    suggested: (ggplot2, RRID:SCR_014601)
    The rank-based gene set enrichment tests in Figure 5 were done using the fry function of the limma package (Ritchie et al., 2015) and plotted using the barcodeplot function in R.
    suggested: (LIMMA, RRID:SCR_010943)
    Gene-sets were defined in the hallmark gene set collection (Liberzon et al., 2015) and basigin interaction partners were defined by STRING (Szklarczyk et al., 2019).
    suggested: (STRING, RRID:SCR_005223)
    Statistics: GraphPad Prism was used for statistical analyses, using ANOVA with post-hoc Bonferroni test and Mann-Whitney U test.
    suggested: (GraphPad Prism, RRID:SCR_002798)

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