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As the number of preprints grows, it will become increasingly difficult to find and filter relevant/interesting preprints. preLights does some of that work for you. Our dedicated team of scientists from the community select, highlight and comment on preprints they feel are of particular interest to the biological community. You’ll find a summary of each preprint, the reasons it was selected and the selector’s thoughts on its significance. You might also see relevant comments from the preprints’ authors. And we’d really welcome your thoughts and comments too.

Our regular digest of preprints means:

  • some of the hard work of sifting through the growing volume of preprints is done for you
  • you’ll see a mix of preprints across the biological sciences – which can highlight new thinking or new techniques that may be applicable to your research
  • you’ll see the comments and opinions of other researchers
  • you can comment on those that interest you


Sciety uses the PReF (preprint review features) descriptors to describe key elements of each Group's evaluation activities, helping readers to interpret and compare their evaluations. Learn more.

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Our community is a carefully selected group of early-career researchers with a shared interest in reviewing and communicating new research. The service is supported by The Company of Biologists, but the opinions and views expressed on this website are those of the community. If you would like to know more about the team behind the selection of preprints, visit the selectors page.

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