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Who we are

We are a group of scientists who are passionate about communicating science to fellow scientists and the public. We believe that scientific passion and progress rely on kindness, curiosity, trust and integrity. Our team brings diverse expertise from research, publishing, career development and grant writing. Life Science Editors provides a variety of services to help scientists obtain publications, funding and jobs, including editing, strategic advice, coaching, illustrations and workshops.

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Our evaluation model

Life Science Editors provides an editorial assessment of a preprint. We hope to engage the scientific community in discussion, and provide an opportunity for the authors to refine and respond. Our assessment includes: the name of the reviewer, potential conflicts of interest and, in our view, the background of the study, the main question, the advance and the significance.


The Preprint Review Features (PReF) describes key elements of each group’s evaluation activities.

Review requested by
Authors, Non-authors
Reviewer selected by
Author, Self-nominated, Editor, service or community
Public interaction
Inclusion of author response
Review coverage
Complete paper, specific aspects
Reviewer identity known to
Competing interests

Our team

  • Angela Andersen
  • Helen Pickersgill
  • Mariah Arral
  • Marie Bao
  • Ilil Carmi
  • Javier Carmona-Sanz
  • Jennifer Chase
  • Stacie Dodgson
  • Carol Featherstone
  • Rosy Hosking
  • Heather Kinkaid
  • Duygu Koldere Vilain
  • Milka Kostic
  • Sabbi Lall
  • Christina Lilliehook
  • Cindy Lu
  • Robert Mahen
  • Fiona Manning
  • Derick Okwan
  • April Pawluk
  • Guy Riddihough
  • Anke Sparmann
  • Diana Stafforini
  • Jenna Sternberg
  • Li-Kuo Su
  • Diana Walsh
  • Ellen Wilson
  • Katrina Woolcock

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