GigaByte (ISSN:2709-4715) aims to promote the most rapid exchange of scientific information in a formal peer-reviewed publishing platform. Modern research is data-driven, iterative, and aims to be FAIR: Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable. It is also fast moving, with available data and computational tools changing constantly and swiftly evolving fields continuously being tested, updated and modified by the community. Given that, GigaByte is focused on publishing short, focused, data-driven articles using a publishing platform that will allow nearly immediate and continuous online publication on acceptance as well as an ability to update published articles. This drastically reduces writing and reviewing. With that, GigaByte provides scientists a venue to rapidly and easily share and build upon each other’s research outputs.

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Evaluation model

Mandated open, named peer review for all papers.


Sciety uses the PReF (preprint review features) descriptors to describe key elements of each Group's evaluation activities, helping readers to interpret and compare their evaluations. Learn more.

Review requested by
Reviewer selected by
Editor, Service or community
Public interaction
Inclusion of author response
Binary decision
Review coverage
Specific aspects, complete paper
Reviewer identity known to
Competing interests


We have a team of in-house Editors who select peer reviewers, alongside an Editorial Board on hand to provide advice on difficult decisions and matters relating to thresholds.

Content license

All textual content (manuscripts, peer reviews, associated blog posts, etc.) are published under a CC-BY 4.0 license.