ASAPbio (Accelerating Science and Publication in biology) is a scientist-driven nonprofit with a mission to drive open and innovative communication in the life sciences. We promote the productive use of preprints for research dissemination and transparent peer review and feedback on all research outputs.

As part of our activities we work to foster participation in preprint review, and with this goal, we are operating a three-month trial to explore whether the crowd review model pioneered by the journal Synlett provides an engaging format for researchers to participate in preprint review.

Evaluation model

The crowd preprint review involves a group of cell biologists (‘the crowd’) selected by ASAPbio who will receive a weekly preprint and be invited to provide feedback on the paper via a private group.

ASAPbio will select preprints to include in the trial among preprints posted to bioRxiv’s Cell biology category and contact the authors to request confirmation of their agreement for the preprint to be included. ASAPbio will then circulate the paper to the crowd and request comments within the following seven days. Crowd members can comment on the full paper or on parts of it, according to their interest and/or expertise. Crowd members can use a pseudonym so that their identity is known only to organizers of the pilot, but are not asked to declare competing interests. After seven days, we will close the commenting period and one of the crowd members will generate a collective synthesis of the comments. The synthesized review will then be posted publicly via bioRxiv’s TRiP framework. The service provides no binary or scalar rating or recommendation and does not support responses of the authors or the general public as an integral part of the process.

ASAPbio will moderate interactions in the group and the synthesized reviews as necessary, requesting that all participants adhere to the PREreview code of conduct.

More information about the crowd preprint review and its workflow is available here:


The ASAPbio crowd review is coordinated by:

  • Iratxe Puebla
  • Jessica Polka

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CC BY license, Creative Commons attribution 4.0.