Prevalence of Anodyspareunia and its Impact on Daily Life in a Population of Men Who Have Receptive Anal Sex: an Observational Study

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Background Sexual dysfunctions (SD) may play a pivotal role in individuals' lives, impacting behaviour, lifestyle, and their ability to cope with challenges. Our aim was to analyze prevalence of anodispareunia (AD) as an important SD in Gay and Bisexual Men who have sex with Men (GB-MSM) in our environment and the factors that may influence the fact of not seeking attention. Methods A total of 3,629 GB-MSM participated in this cross-sectional study, recruited through an internet survey from February to April 2023. Results The study reveals a prevalence of pain during receptive anal intercourse (RAI) of 85.7%. Within the past 6 months, 66.8% of the participants reported experiencing pain during RAI, and 50.1% after RAI. A notable subset experienced high (7.9%) or very high (2.6%) levels of AD. Conclusion The findings highlight the importance of addressing AD as a critical health issue for GB-MSM and offers practical implications for healthcare professionals and policymakers. Future investigations should explore treatment for AD.

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