CFAP47 is a novel causative gene implicated in X-linked polycystic kidney disease

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Autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD) is a well-described condition in which ~80% of cases have a genetic explanation, while the genetic basis of sporadic cystic kidney disease in adults remains unclear in ~30% of cases. This study aimed to identify novel genes associated with polycystic kidney disease (PKD) in patients with sporadic cystic kidney disease in which a clear genetic change was not identified in established genes. A next-generation sequencing panel analyzed known genes related to renal cysts in 118 sporadic cases, followed by whole-genome sequencing on 47 unrelated individuals without identified candidate variants. Three male patients were found to have rare missense variants in the X-linked gene Cilia And Flagella Associated Protein 47 (CFAP47). CFAP47 was expressed in primary cilia of human renal tubules, and knockout mice exhibited vacuolation of tubular cells and tubular dilation, providing evidence that CFAP47 is a causative gene involved in cyst formation. This discovery of CFAP47 as a newly identified gene associated with PKD, displaying X-linked inheritance, emphasizes the need for further cases to understand the role of CFAP47 in PKD.

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