A robust genome and assembly with transcriptomic data from the striped scorpion, Centruroides vittatus

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Scorpions, a seemingly primitive, stinging arthropod taxa, are known to exhibit marked diversity in their venom components. These venoms are known for their human pathology, but also important as models for therapeutic and drug development applications. We report a high quality genome assembly and annotation of the striped bark scorpion, Centruroides vittatus , created with several shotgun libraries. The final assembly is 760 Mb in size, with a BUSCO score of 97.8%, a 30.85% GC, and a N50 of 2.35 Mb. We estimated 36,189 proteins with 37.32% assigned to GO terms in our GOanna analysis. We were able to map 2011 and 60 venom toxin genes to contigs and scaffolds, respectively. We were also able to identify expression differences between venom gland (telson) and body tissue (carapace) with 19 Sodium toxin and 14 Potassium toxin genes to 18 contigs and two scaffolds. This assembly along with our transcriptomic data, provides further data to investigate scorpion venom genomics.

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