LSM14B is essential for mitochondrial clustering in the oocyte meiosis

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As oocyte meiotic maturation, they undergo two successive meiotic M phases, notably lacking an intervening interphase phase. During these M phases, oocytes remain transcriptionally quiescent, and we now know that “translational repressed mRNAs” are stored in a structure called the mitochondria associated ribonucleoprotein domain (MARDO). LSM14B is one of the abundant proteins of MARDO, and is predicted to bind mRNA, but its function(s) remain elusive. Here, we demonstrate that LSM14B functions to promote MARDO assembly in mouse oocytes. We also found that LSM14B knockout female mice are infertile, and show that the knockout oocytes fail to enter meiosis II, instead entering an aberrant interphase-like stage. Finally, we show that the failure of oocyte maturation results from decreased expression of Cyclin B1. Our study has revealed that the RNA-binding protein LSM14B modulates MARDO assembly and is essential for oocyte meiotic maturation.

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