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    4.3 Limitations and future research opportunities: This study has several limitations, which pose opportunities for future research. This is an ecological study using aggregated data at the county level. It is subjected to ecological fallacy. Future studies can use individual level data or experimental studies to confirm the causal relations and the potential underlying mechanisms (Jiang et al., 2021). Second, the unit of analysis is the county due to the availability of COVID-19 mortality data and other confounding variable. Though county data are widely used in nationwide studies, future studies should use finer-grained data (i.e., census tract level data). Different scales of analyses may reveal different associations between neighborhood greenspace and health outcomes (Richardson et al., 2012). Third, our research investigated associations using data from 2020, but the situation has continued to evolve with the emergence of vaccines and COVID-19 variants (e.g., Delta and Omicron). Future studies should consider the new situations accordingly.

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