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    Table 1: Rigor

    EthicsConsent: Study population and sampling: Health care workers (HCWs) and Health workers (HWs) at the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research (NIMR) and Federal Medical Center, Ebute Metta, volunteering to be vaccinated with two doses of AZD1222 eight weeks apart were recruited to the study following signed informed consent.
    IRB: Statistical analysis was performed using GraphPad Prism version 9.0. Ethics: This study was approved by the Institutional Review Board of NIMR (IRB-21-040).
    Sex as a biological variablenot detected.
    Randomizationnot detected.
    Blindingnot detected.
    Power Analysisnot detected.
    Cell Line Authenticationnot detected.

    Table 2: Resources

    Laboratory methods and sample testing: Binding IgG antibodies (Abs) against SARS-COV-2 receptor-binding domain (RBD), trimeric spike protein (S) and nucleocapsid protein (N) were measured using the Luminex-based SARS-CoV-2-IgG assay (Luminex) by flow cytometry as previously detailed8,16.
    Binding IgG
    suggested: None
    Differences between neutralization antibody titres in IgG anti-N participants with ID50>20 were compared by Kruskal Wallis non-parametric test.
    suggested: None
    Experimental Models: Cell Lines
    For plasma neutralising antibody measurement, SARS-CoV-2 lentiviral pseudovirus (PV) were prepared by transfecting 293T cells with Wuhan-614G wild type (WT), B.1.617.2 (Delta) and BA.1 (Omicron) plasmids in conjunction with p8.91 HIV-1 gag-pol expression vector 17.
    suggested: None
    Pseudovirus neutralization was performed on Hela-ACE2 cells using SARS-CoV-2 spike PV expressing luciferase.
    suggested: JCRB Cat# JCRB1845, RRID:CVCL_B3LW)
    Software and Algorithms
    Statistical analysis was performed using GraphPad Prism version 9.0. Ethics: This study was approved by the Institutional Review Board of NIMR (IRB-21-040).
    GraphPad Prism
    suggested: (GraphPad Prism, RRID:SCR_002798)

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    The limitations of the study include a modest sample size and follow up period, though we had nearly 50 participants with sequential follow up data and samples and 140 baseline samples for binding Ab studies. The underlying community population of Lagos was not sampled in a systematic way given vaccine delivery was first undertaken in individuals in the health sector; therefore the findings may not be fully generalisable to the whole country or region. In addition we did not measure non-neutralising antibody activities in vaccinees. Furthermore we were not able to identify the variants causing breakthrough infections, although neutralisation profiling was consistent with breakthrougxh infections largely driven by Delta. We conclude that AZD1222 is immunogenic in this real world west African cohort with significantly higher than previously expected background seroprevalence and incidence of breakthrough infection over a short time period. Prior infection and breakthrough infection induced higher anti-SARS-CoV-2 Ab responses at 3 months post vaccine against all widely circulating VOC. However, plasma neutralisation against Omicron BA.1 was low at three months regardless of prior exposure. Two dose AZD1222 has been showed to generate lower neutralisation titres and efficacy across different settings, in comparison to mRNA vaccines2,3,28. mRNA vaccine ‘booster’ third doses induce broader, potent responses against Omicron BA.13,29 and reduce mortality in the elderly30. Therefore, ...

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