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    Table 1: Rigor

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    Table 2: Resources

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    3.2 Limitations of the available evidence: One limitation is the lack of high-quality evidence from the included studies. Confidence in the strength of evidence about adverse outcomes of COVID-19 IPC procedures was rated as ‘low’ overall. Whilst the majority of studies were deemed to be of moderate quality according to the quality appraisal checklists used, due to the nature of methods used and the standard of reporting, overall, the evidence was weak, and therefore quality was rated as ‘low’ overall. The key limitations of included studies are summarised in this report. However, due to the rapid nature of this review, quality appraisals were conducted (see Appendix 1), but no formal risk of bias was conducted. 3.3 Implications for policy and practice: Since March 2020, there have been many changes to government guidelines relating to procedures to keep the population safe from COVID-19 harm. Policies vary according to country, even within the UK. Important issues such as care home visitation policies have changed in such a way that care home staff have felt it difficult to keep up with the changes, which in itself increased the burden on those staff. The implications identified from this work are as follows: 3.4 Strengths and limitations of this Rapid Review: Strengths: Where previous rapid reviews focused on the effectiveness of IPC procedures for reducing COVID-19 transmission in care homes, this rapid review focused on adverse outcomes experienced by residents and staff f...

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