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    Table 1: Rigor

    EthicsIRB: Study approval: This study (NCT00001230) was approved by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Institutional Review Board.
    Consent: Written informed consent was obtained from all participants.
    Sex as a biological variablenot detected.
    Randomizationnot detected.
    Blindingnot detected.
    Power Analysisnot detected.

    Table 2: Resources

    The cells were washed twice with Perm buffer (BioLegend) and resuspended with the intracellular antibody pool containing anti-CD69 (FITC), anti-CD154 (APC), anti-TNF-a (Alexa Fluor 700) and anti-IFN-y (BUV737) (Supplemental Table I) for 30 min at 4°C.
    suggested: (BD Biosciences Cat# 560739, RRID:AB_1727505)
    suggested: (Thermo Fisher Scientific Cat# 56-1548-42, RRID:AB_2848470)
    suggested: None
    anti-IFN-y ( BUV737 )
    suggested: None
    Software and Algorithms
    Finally, the cells were washed twice with Perm buffer and then acquired using the BD LSRFortessa flow cytometer (BD Biosciences) and FACSDiva software (BD Biosciences) for acquisition.
    suggested: (BD FACSDiva Software, RRID:SCR_001456)
    All analyses were performed using FlowJo v10.5.3
    suggested: (FlowJo, RRID:SCR_008520)
    The remainder of the single cell RNA-Seq (scRNA) analysis was performed with Seurat v3.2.2 [37].
    suggested: (SEURAT, RRID:SCR_007322)
    Differential expression analysis was performed to identify cluster-specific markers and to compare the S and M cell populations using MAST [40], or “Model-based Analysis of Single-cell Transcriptomics”, whereas the cluster-specific canonical pathway enrichment profiles were generated using Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA, Qiagen, Redwood City, CA, USA).
    suggested: (MAST, RRID:SCR_016340)
    Ingenuity Pathway Analysis
    suggested: (Ingenuity Pathway Analysis, RRID:SCR_008653)

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