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    There are also some limitations in this study. First of all, for cohort 1 (the training set), the patient population we studied was mainly hospitalized patients, and they generally exhibited more severe symptoms and therefore had a higher mortality rate than the general population, which may have caused some bias in our predictive model in the general population. Second, the characteristics of the cohort may vary performance of models and its ability to be validated. For example, the model’s performance was slightly lower in cohort 2 than cohort 1, because the structure of the two cohorts, such as age distribution, sex ratio, mortality rate, etc. is different. In addition, although we adopt functionally similar features, the differences between these features may also be responsible for the difference in model performance between cohorts. Moreover, since most of the clinical features adopted in this study were missing to varying degrees, the imputed data were affected by other data, which may affect the accuracy of the predictive model. Finally, COVID-19 pandemics are often accompanied by surges in patient numbers, resulting in difficulties in collecting all the required clinical features data, which will limit the application of our predictive model.

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