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    Software and Algorithms
    2.1 Simulator overview: EpiGraph consists of several different models that together reproduce the most important aspects of the simulation environment.
    suggested: (EpiGRAPH, RRID:SCR_004326)

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    Some of the limitations of this approach are the absence of age structure and the assumption of a well-mixed population. Covasim [7] includes demographic information about age structure and population size. Different from our work, the contacts are not based on existing patterns; scalability issues are partly sidestepped by dynamic scaling. Vaccines are modelled by adjusting individuals’ susceptibility to infection and probability of developing symptoms after being infected; both of these modifications affect the overall probability of progressing to severe disease and death. However, some features we consider in EpiGraph (like vaccine effectiveness across variants) are not currently implemented in Covasim. Modelling social mixing a crucial factor for obtaining realistic simulations. In [8, 10, 11] different ways for refining the social interactions are considered. In EpiGraph the social mixing modelling is carried out using Facebook and Enron contact networks and individual contact matrices. [12] compares five age-stratified prioritization strategies in terms of cumulative incidence, mortality, and years of life lost. Some limitations have to do with using pre-pandemic contact matrices, not incorporating nonpharmaceutical interventions, and only considering variation in disease severity and risk by age - although contact rates, and thus infection potential, vary greatly not only by occupation and age. Results show, like in our work, that people aged 60 years and older should...

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