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    Table 1: Rigor

    EthicsIACUC: Ethical Statement: The Tulane University Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee approved all procedures used during this study.
    Sex as a biological variablenot detected.
    Randomizationnot detected.
    Blindingnot detected.
    Power Analysisnot detected.
    Cell Line Authenticationnot detected.

    Table 2: Resources

    Detection of Antibodies in Serum: The ability of antibodies in serum to disrupt the binding of the receptor binding domain (RBD) of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein to Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE2) was assessed via the Surrogate Virus Neutralization Test (GenScript# L00847) using the included kit protocol modified per the following: Serum samples were diluted from 1:10 to 1:21,870 to determine an IC50 for RBD/ACE2 binding.
    Angiotensin Converting Enzyme ( ACE2
    suggested: None
    Fluorescent immunohistochemistry was performed on 5 μm sections of Formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded lung were incubated for 1 hour with the primary antibodies (SARS, Guinea Pig, (BEI, cat#NR-10361) diluted in NGS at a concentration of 1:1000).
    suggested: None
    Experimental Models: Cell Lines
    Positive controls consisted of SARS- CoV-2 infected VeroE6 cell lysate.
    suggested: JCRB Cat# JCRB1819, RRID:CVCL_YQ49)
    Software and Algorithms
    The Tulane National Primate Research Center (TNPRC) is accredited by the Association for the Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC no. 000594).
    suggested: None
    Analysis of flow cytometry data: FlowJo version 10.7.1 (BD, Oregon, USA) was used to analyze flow cytometry data.
    suggested: (FlowJo, RRID:SCR_008520)

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