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    Please note, not all rigor criteria are appropriate for all manuscripts.

    Table 1: Rigor

    NIH rigor criteria are not applicable to paper type.

    Table 2: Resources

    No key resources detected.

    Results from OddPub: We did not detect open data. We also did not detect open code. Researchers are encouraged to share open data when possible (see Nature blog).

    Results from LimitationRecognizer: We detected the following sentences addressing limitations in the study:
    Our study also has limitations. Jurisdictions’ self-reported CICT performance measures were not intended for this analysis. Although we employed the previously described data quality checks (eFigure 3 in Supplement 1), the reported measures that we used were likely influenced by differences in jurisdictions’ surveillance systems, CICT platforms and protocols (e.g., how they enrolled and monitored contacts). The extent to which these differences affected our results is unclear. We also only assess the impact over two months (60 days) of the pandemic and in 23 US jurisdictions. Results may differ for other periods (e.g., during the surge of the Delta variant and wider use of vaccine) and jurisdictions. Because cases were spiking across the entire US during the period that we analyzed and the vaccine had not yet been widely administered, it is likely that our estimates provide an upper limit of cases averted by CICT during the pandemic as of this writing (August 31, 2021). Finally, because we used statewide data, our results dilute potentially meaningful differences in CICT performance within jurisdictions (e.g., rural versus urban counties). Our analysis combined primary implementation data with mathematical modeling to estimate the health impact of COVID-19 case investigation and contact tracing across nearly half of US state and territory CICT programs. The volume of estimated cases and hospitalizations averted underscores the critical role CICT programs play in curtailing th...

    Results from TrialIdentifier: No clinical trial numbers were referenced.

    Results from Barzooka: We did not find any issues relating to the usage of bar graphs.

    Results from JetFighter: We did not find any issues relating to colormaps.

    Results from rtransparent:
    • Thank you for including a conflict of interest statement. Authors are encouraged to include this statement when submitting to a journal.
    • Thank you for including a funding statement. Authors are encouraged to include this statement when submitting to a journal.
    • Thank you for including a protocol registration statement.

    Results from scite Reference Check: We found no unreliable references.

    About SciScore

    SciScore is an automated tool that is designed to assist expert reviewers by finding and presenting formulaic information scattered throughout a paper in a standard, easy to digest format. SciScore checks for the presence and correctness of RRIDs (research resource identifiers), and for rigor criteria such as sex and investigator blinding. For details on the theoretical underpinning of rigor criteria and the tools shown here, including references cited, please follow this link.

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