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  1. This paper has been published in GigaByte as part of the Asian citrus psyllid community annotation series.

    The CC-BY 4.0 peer reviews are as follows:

    Reviewer 1. Mary Ann Tuli Are all data available and do they match the descriptions in the paper?

    Yes. As with the other manuscripts, OGS v3 is mentioned, but this is not get available from the CGEN. The data underlying Fig 4 and Fig5 are available.

    This manuscript is a comprehensive description of the manual curation of the ubiquitin proteasome pathway gene, with clear aims and methodology.

  2. **Reviewer 2. Subhas Hajeri **

    The manuscript is well written. Even though the authors could not find a major impact of CLas infection on the annotated, subset of ubiquitin-proteasome genes but the negative data is also equally important for further understanding of pathways and developing better RNAi targets.

    I would like to recommend acceptance of the manuscript as is.