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    Table 1: Rigor

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    Table 2: Resources

    Software and Algorithms
    Participants were randomly assigned to the two starting bids using the randomization module in REDCap [35].
    suggested: (REDCap, RRID:SCR_003445)

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    Findings from this study should be interpreted in light of some limitations. First, since the study was conducted in only 3 predominantly urban counties, the findings may not be generalizable to all counties in Kenya or other African country settings. Future studies can increase both the sample size and counties engaged to get further details about the variation in prices and obtain a more generalizable estimate. Second, as with all other stated preference elicitation approaches, WTP estimates from a contingent valuation method (a type of a stated preference elicitation method) are prone to hypothetical bias where participants may be inclined to state a higher willingness to pay price than they would pay in reality. However, a clear description of the settings and conducting the study during the COVID-19 pandemic hopefully makes our estimates realistic. Third, the linear estimation of the demand curve may not be entirely accurate as the relationship between quantity demanded and price may not be as linear as it is often a non-linear curve with a negative slope [44]. Future studies could include more starting bids to enable better plotting of the demand curve.

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