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    Table 1: Rigor

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    Table 2: Resources

    or with 1 μg UBE2O antibody (A301-873A, Bethyl) overnight following with 15 μL prewashed protein A/G beads (1:1 mixture, 1614013 and 1614023, Biorad) incubation for another 1.5 hr.
    suggested: (Thermo Fisher Scientific Cat# A301-873A, RRID:AB_1309799)
    Antibodies used in these experiments included Flag (F1804, Sigma), EGFP (50430-2-AP, Proteintech), NSP3 (ab181602, Abcam), UBE2O (A301-873A, Bethyl), pSerine (gtx26639, GeneTex), pThreonine (9386, Cell Signaling), TAB2 (A302-759A, Bethyl), TAB3 (A302-208A, Bethyl)
    suggested: None
    A301-873A , Bethyl) , pSerine ( gtx26639 , GeneTex) , pThreonine ( 9386 , Cell Signaling) , TAB2
    suggested: None
    A302-759A , Bethyl) , TAB3
    suggested: None
    Antibodies used for the experiment are: CANX (2679, Cell Signaling), TOMM20 (ab56783, Abcam), Flag (F1804 and F7425, Sigma), NSP3 (ab181602, Abcam).
    CANX ( 2679 , Cell Signaling)
    suggested: (Cell Signaling Technology Cat# 2679, RRID:AB_2228381)
    suggested: (Abcam Cat# ab56783, RRID:AB_945896)
    ab56783 , Abcam) , Flag ( F1804
    suggested: None
    suggested: None
    Experimental Models: Cell Lines
    HEK293T cells from ATCC were cultured in Dulbecco’s Modified Eagle’s Medium (DMEM, Hyclone, SH30033.01) supplemented with 10% Fetal bovine serum (FBS, Hyclone, SV30160.03) and 1×Penicillin/Streptomycin (Hyclone,
    suggested: None
    Recombinant DNA
    UBE2O plasmid was described before [52] and TNIP cDNA was amplified from HeLa cDNA and cloned in to pCS2 vector with Flag tag.
    suggested: RRID:Addgene_62214)
    Software and Algorithms
    Raw data were first transformed using FAIMS MzXML Generator and then analyzed using MaxQuant version [54]
    suggested: (MaxQuant, RRID:SCR_014485)
    Protein-Protein Interaction (PPI) network and pathway annotation of interactors was constructed by Cytoscape plugin Reactome FI v7.2.3 [57].
    suggested: (Cytoscape, RRID:SCR_003032)
    Interactors of NSP3 were divided into 3 groups (CoV1, CoV2 and both) and enriched GO terms were shown using clusterProfiler package [58]
    suggested: (clusterProfiler, RRID:SCR_016884)
    Circos plots was performed using circlize package [59].
    suggested: (Circos, RRID:SCR_011798)
    suggested: (circlize, RRID:SCR_002141)
    We filtered out the kinases of which matching sites was less than 3 or Z-score is lower than 1 and created Human Kinome Tree illustration using KinMap [36].
    suggested: None
    The targeting drugs that regulate activity changed kinases were extracted from drugbank (https://go.drugbank.com/).
    suggested: (DrugBank, RRID:SCR_002700)
    Transcriptome data analysis: Raw reads were aligned to the human genome (hg38) using HISAT2 [62].
    suggested: (HISAT2, RRID:SCR_015530)
    Next, we assembled reads to transcripts and quantified the read counts of each genes utilizing StringTie [63].
    suggested: (StringTie , RRID:SCR_016323)
    We kept genes that CPM is greater than 1 in at least 2 samples and analyzed the differential expression gene using edgeR [64].
    suggested: (edgeR, RRID:SCR_012802)
    , Molecular Function (MF) were performed using enrichR in clusterProfiler package.
    suggested: (Enrichr, RRID:SCR_001575)

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