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    Software and Algorithms
    We retrospectively queried our data since April 2021 to identify adult patients (>17 years) who had confirmed (positive RT-PCR or antigen test) or suspected COVID-19 (classic symptoms but negative RT-PCR) and received a high-resolution CT scan to determine the extent of their lung involvement using the CT severity (CORAD) score6.
    suggested: None
    All the analyses were conducted using SAS 9.4 software (SAS Inc. Cary, NC) at 95% confidence interval level.
    suggested: (SASqPCR, RRID:SCR_003056)

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    Our study has several limitations being a retrospective single center study. We did not have patient details other than their basic demographics, COVID-19 RT-PCR status, vaccination status and CT severity score. Patient details such as their oxygen saturations, hospital admission status, co-morbidities and mortality were not available. In conclusion, we present here the real-world findings from an independent radiology practice (a unique and common practice model), in India amid the second COVID-19 wave showing significantly lower CT severity score in fully or partially vaccinated patients compared to unvaccinated patients. We report a higher CT severity score in patients with positive RT-PCR. Complete vaccination in patients could be critical in preventing severe lung disease.

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