LeafGo: Leaf to Genome, a quick workflow to produce high-quality De novo genomes with Third Generation Sequencing technology

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Recent years have witnessed a rapid development of sequencing technologies. Fundamental differences and limitations among various platforms impact the time, the cost and the accuracy for sequencing whole genomes. Here we designed a complete de novo plant genome generation workflow that starts from plant tissue samples and produces high-quality draft genomes with relatively modest laboratory and bioinformatic resources within seven days. To optimize our workflow we selected different species of plants which were used to extract high molecular weight DNA, to make PacBio and ONT libraries for sequencing with the Sequel I, Sequel II and GridION platforms. We assembled high-quality draft genomes of two different Eucalyptus species E. rudis , and E. camaldulensis to chromosome level without using additional scaffolding technologies. For the rapid production of de novo genome assembly of plant species we showed that our DNA extraction protocol followed by PacBio high fidelity sequencing, and assembly with new generation assemblers such as hifiasm produce excellent results. Our findings will be a valuable benchmark for groups planning wet- and dry-lab plant genomics research and for high throughput plant genomics initiatives.

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