Shared discovery, evaluation, and organisation of preprints

Sciety opens the world of preprint curation to the community by aggregating evaluated preprints into one place so you can easily find, save, and share what you're interested in.

We're building Sciety with researchers across the globe and we'd love for you to be part of it.

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Sciety helps you navigate the enormous quantity of scientific preprints so you can easily find what interests you most. We aggregate peer-reviewed, assessed, evaluated preprints from trusted sources in one place, making them easy to organise and share.

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Answers to common questions about Sciety.

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Sciety aims to grow a network of researchers who evaluate, curate, and consume scientific content by changing the landscape of scientific communication.

  • Showcase underrepresented labs: Better recognition of scholarly contribution for all contributors
  • Shift the publishing decision: Empower authors with the publishing decision instead of editors
  • More evaluation activity: Encourage evaluation and curation not just before publication, but after as well

How we operate

Non-profit organisation

We are a team operating within the non-profit organisation eLife to envision and develop a new way of finding shared scientific content.

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Open source, open process

Our current work and long-term vision is freely available to the public.

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We gather feedback from our users to help shape the direction of Sciety.

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