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Are you a researcher with an interest in preprint literature?

How do you keep on top of the growing number of preprints now being made available?

How can you tell if a preprint is worth your time?

How can you and your peers share the preprints you find interesting or important?

How about discovering evaluated preprints, especially from underrepresented labs?

There is an answer…

Sciety aggregates evaluations of preprints in one place, helping you organise your preprints of choice into your own shareable lists.

Gone are the days when curation is for the selected few…

On Sciety, you can find open reviews, assessments and evaluations by groups of experts you can trust...

Organise lists of articles in your own space on Sciety

Follow the groups evaluating articles you care about to receive their latest reviews in your personal feed.

Or form your own group to share your own evaluations of preprints.

Visit Sciety now to discover your next important read.

Sciety; for the shared discovery, evaluation and organisation of preprints.

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What Sciety offers

Sciety is changing the landscape of preprint curation.

  • Discover evaluated preprints
  • Organise preprints into shareable lists
  • Follow groups evaluating articles you care about
  • Form a group to share your own evaluations of preprints