eLife is a selective journal that publishes promising research in all areas of biology and medicine.

Peer review model

eLife’s editorial process emphasises the production of clear, transparent public reviews of papers already posted as preprints, to transform unrefereed author manuscripts into refereed preprints.

Authors who proceed with a revised submission are expected to agree to have the public reviews posted to a preprint server. For articles that are rejected after peer review, authors maintain control over when public reviews are posted, and can delay having the public reviews posted until their work has been accepted for publication by another journal.

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Content License

Unless otherwise indicated, the articles and journal content published by eLife on the eLife Sites are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (also known as a CC-BY license). This means that you are free to use, reproduce and distribute the articles and related content (unless otherwise noted), for commercial and noncommercial purposes, subject to citation of the original source in accordance with the CC-BY license. For more information see the eLife terms and conditions.


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